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joanna maria kuchta / 8teen / too cute to care

Anonymous asked:
I remember when you tweeted that you were going to stand in the freezer section with a skirt on to punish yourself for bein mean and that was so perfect & you are actually so nice ily lol

omg I was RLLY mean that day i just combusted and said mean things to a close person i said sorry though and THX!!!

Anonymous asked:
okay so I used 2 rly hate myself like it was rly bad idk but then i saw u and u radiate self luv like it was so cute and then i started to try to luv myself and im so much better now! Honestly, thank u very much

woohoo!!! keep it up angel cake πŸ‘ΌπŸ°

Anonymous asked:
I love u so much joanna u make me happy

that’s so great!!! i luv when ppl r happy!!!

Anonymous asked:
how long have u and josh been together and how did u meet


Anonymous asked:
Do you and Joey ever think of having a baby? Sorry 4 such a awkward question haha

im literally 18